February 19, 2019


Clint Gates - Thank you

Clint Gates – Thank you


by Brian Coll


Okay, strange title to a story, but here’s the thing, it’s not.


Last night I was leaving the Lucky Dog with my family. My son and I were walking a few blocks back to my truck while my daughter and wife were getting in her car. We both came from work and met there. So, anyway, my son and I are walking back up the hills in Conshy, in the rain after enjoying dinner at the Lucky Dog Saloon. My head is down while I’m pushing the stroller up the hill and I glance up and see Clint walking down the street. He says hi, I say hi… he asks if we were just at the Lucky Dog to support the Colonial Neighborhood Council, I say we were, it was a good dinner and he tells me he is on his way there now. He pauses for a second to continue the conversation, we chat for another minute or two and we go our separate ways.


So, you want to know why I am thanking him? Because he is one of the unsung heroes of our community. If you don’t know who I am talking about, you most likely see him cutting grass around the borough or shoveling snow, maybe he’s helping a neighbor. Clint had to walk about a mile each way last night to have dinner at the Lucky Dog so that 20% of his check could to support the CNC. I was walking in the rain for a few blocks after dinner, he walked out of his house in the rain and must have walked past 10-15 other places he could have had dinner at last night. He wanted to show his support for the Colonial Neighborhood Council. I’m not sure what he had for dinner, I had the $10.00 burger special which was fantastic, you could create your own burger with gourmet toppings. So, my $10.00 burger and soft drink….. what did that do for the CNC….. $2.50. I know the $2.50 is appreciated, but Clint could have stopped for a sandwich or called for delivery from anywhere last night in the rain, but he wanted to make sure his $2.50 went to the CNC.




This isn’t all, Clint seems to show up and support just about every good cause in the community. We need more people like Clint.





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