December 15, 2018


Cleaning up Conshy - A Couple Things

Cleaning Up Conshy – A Couple Things


by Brian Coll



I was out and about and saw one of the borough guys cleaning up at Sutcliffe Park. We started chatting and I was telling him how I grew up playing in the small section of woods he was cleaning at the edges of. This particular section at the edge of the park on the 7th Avenue side had more trees and room to explore years ago, now it has been cleaned up a great deal and people walk to and from the park using the path at this edge of the park. The borough guy told me he already pulled 5 trash cans worth of trash out of this area. It’s hard to believe it builds up that fast.


Let’s do the borough guys and Carl the Conshy cleaner a favor and not litter as much, so they don’t have to keep picking up our trash.


If YOU want to do more, and people are always asking us what they can do to get involved in the borough, here is an event taking place:



Join us for our annual Schuylkill River Trail Cleanup! Gloves, trash bags, coffee and donuts will be provided.
A nature walk to the cleanup is setting off from Yoga Home at 9am or you can meet us at 9:30am at the brewery.
All participants over 21 will receive a free beer at the brewery at the conclusion of the cleanup.
Lunch will also be provided at VFW1074@ 12pm!

Please share this event as all are welcome!

If you plan to attend, please sign up at the link below…


We believe this is being put together by a local group Green Conshy. Best of luck with this event. It reminds me of when Vince Totaro of the The Trattoria Totaro fame would put together river clean ups on Earth Day.


Last year we here at Conshystuff put together a Fayette Street cleanup and planting and we are considering doing it again this year. Let’s get into Spring and see what we can do as a community to help out community.



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