December 14, 2018


Charlie Corrado-Teacher, Actor and Friend Gone Too Soon

Charlie Corrado – Teacher, Actor and Friend Gone Too Soon


by Brian Coll


I speak fondly about my time at Archbishop Kennedy and it was because of friendships formed, sports played and teachers like Mr. Corrado.


I was shocked to hear the news of his passing this week. Before I go any further, here are the details of his arrangement:


Sunday, February 18
Viewing: 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Simcox & McIlvaine Funeral Home
532 East Main Street
Lansdale, PA 19446
Phone: 215-855-3434

Monday, February 19
Viewing 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.
St. Stanislaus Church
51 Lansdale Avenue
Lansdale, PA 19446
Phone: 215-855-3133

Mass of Christian Burial – 11 a.m.
Interment: St. John Neumann Cemetery
3797 County Line Road
Chalfont, PA
Phone: 215-822-0680


I’m going to be honest, I can’t tell you al of my teachers through school at any level. The ones that stand out are the really bad ones, and the ones I loved. At Archbishop Kennedy I loved a lot of my teachers. Mr. Corrado was one of them. He had such a personality that you wanted to get to his class. You never knew what was next. Learning was different. True, you still had to learn what was being taught, but there was always something extra in his class. I know there are some current teachers out there that are special, but I also know we as a society have tried to make things more cut and dry, and that can sometimes dull things down and take the special teachers and make them blend in a little bit more to make certain parents happy. I feel lucky that our teachers at Kennedy could be themselves. When Mr. Leahan passed away a few years ago I wrote about him and his ways and I seem to remember saying something like…. I can’t imagine a teacher today that could walk around with a stick and hit students and be so beloved. If he hit you with a his stick, you probably deserved it and if you told your parents about it they would have felt the same way. He was loved, just like Mr. Corrado was loved. He had that personality that seemed a little frantic but it kept you engaged in his class and around him.


I was lucky enough to see Mr. Corrado at a few events in recent years and be able to talk to him like an adult. I was fascinated by his second career of acting and how he even made it work while teaching. Recently he was telling me how he was filming in possibly the biggest movie franchise ever out of Philadelphia – Rocky. He was working on the movie Creed recently. He knew his scenes weren’t actually going to be used in the movie, I don’t know how the film industry works, but it was something along the lines of, he would do his lines, and then another actor with a larger resume would come in and do the same lines. I guess maybe it’s a stand in type of role that he was working on at the time, but I thought it was very cool he got to be on set with Rocky himself Sylvester Stallone. I checked out his IMDB page the other day and saw a few credits of movies that I heard of and a few I hadn’t. I thought it was very cool he was in the TV Show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia this past season. I’m going to have to watch them all again a little more slowly to look for him.


Now, this isn’t a sales pitch, I’m making no money working on the All Class Reunion coming up in May, but here’s the deal. These events are important. I bet a few people are reading this right now wishing they had a chance to talk to him since high school. And it’s that way with old friends that pass away, people kick themselves that they didn’t get to see them one last time. This goes for everyone out there, if someone invites you to dinner, or a party, why not go if you can? Maybe the next time you hear about your high school reunion, you go. Don’t say “I’ll go to the next one” Someone that you may have wanted to talk to could be at this one and maybe not the next one. That’s how life works. It’s too short to think too far down the line. Make the most of the things and chances while you can.


I’m going to share some photos from the all class reunion from 5 years ago. Already too many of these wonderful teachers are gone. Mr. Charles Corrado, thank you for helping me grow into the man I became. You’ll be missed.







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