July 16, 2018


Breaking News - Restaurant Opening. Welcome Izenberg's Deli, Bakery, Caterer & Restaurant at 401 Fayette.

Breaking News – Restaurant Opening. Welcome Izenberg’s Catering & Cafe


by Brian Coll


We got the news that Izenberg’s Catering & Café is opening at the former location of Pudge’s. This could happen in the next two weeks! Also, a new name and more delicious things to offer the people of Conshohocken.


I have been a fan of Izenberg’s since they were in Lafayette Hill and followed them to the location on Butler Pike and I am really looking forward to being neighbors with them ere at the corner of 4th and Fayette Street. I want to welcome Julia and Fred Izenberg to Conshohocken and I look forward to some of your great tuna.


Here are the statements from Pudge’s and Izenberg’s…..


First Pudge’s:


Dear friends, family and neighbors of Pudge’s Conshohocken,
We want to thank all of you for three great years! We have closed our Conshohocken location and will continue to operate from our Blue Bell location and would love to welcome all of you there from this point forward at 1510 Dekalb Street in the Whitpain Shopping Center (www.pudgesbluebell.com, 610-277-1717). In the meantime, we would like to welcome Izenberg’s to this location and hope you welcome them as well. Many thanks from Mark, Melinda, Eric & Stephaine and all of us at Pudges. More from Izenberg’s below;
Now from the Izenberg’s:

Here is what the Izenberg’s have to say:
Hello Conshy! We, at Izenberg’s Catering & Cafe, look forward to serving Conshy and her surrounding neighborhoods once again, as Izenberg’s Deli, Bakery, Caterer & Restaurant at 401 Fayette. As fellow customers of Pudge’s, we would like to offer our sincerest best wishes as Mark, Melinda, Eric & Stephanie continue to follow the dream in Pudge’s Blue Bell, while many of their valued employees continue on with us at Izenberg’s. More details to come, but in the meantime – please visit www.izenbergs.net to learn more about us (610-828-8900). Cheers! Julia & Fred Izenberg







Once again, welcome to Conshohocken and best of luck to the families that operate Pudge’s, we enjoyed you and your staff while you were here in Conshohocken.



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