April 23, 2018


Boy Have the Bus Stops Changed- Is it the Parents or the Kids?

Boy Have the Bus Stops Changed – Is it the Parents or the Kids?


by Brian Coll

    Honestly, I could have used so many titles of the article and still asked the same question – Is it the Parents or the Kids that have changed?

     Here is where I’m coming from with this…. I was only on the bus for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. I recently visited the Colonial Middle School and couldn’t tell you who I was in homeroom with any of my 3 years there, who I had gym class with, what teachers I liked.. ( I could probably tell you a teacher or two I disliked and one or two that I really enjoyed, but there were a lot in the middle) I asked about the planetarium and was told it was gone….. so really there isn’t much I can recall about my time there. What I can recall are the other kids on my bus and especially the kids at my bus stop. 10th and Fayette. It was about a 2 and a half block walk and I did it most days with one or both of the Bielanko Brothers ( check out the band Marah they are headlining the Conshohocken Music Festival June 24th) The bus stop was outside the old Meridian Bank, now an office and the next door neighbor to the bank was the Dunleavy family, still good friends of mine to this day. The Dunleavy family would let us bus stop kids use the front porch on rainy days. That was very nice of them. Thank you all these years later if you read this.

     Here’s my issue today….. I see more and more kids hanging out in their parents cars until the bus pulls up. The kids that are outside waiting are sitting there on their phones. They could be texting the people right next to them for all I know, but it just looks odd. I would like to think that when my kids are bus stop age, I will let them be kids, hang outside and wait for the bus without me in the car waiting to see the bus blinking lights. I get it that there are safety issues…. Maybe parents can rotate which parent hangs out at the bus stop so the kids have someone looking after them so something bad doesn’t happen.

       Some of my best Middle School memories revolve around that bus stop and the bus ride… hiding from the bus on snowy days to try to get a day off from school…. getting off the bus and just talking with friends about girls and during sports seasons taking the late bus and talking about the practice or whether we won or lost the game…. I think kids are missing out on something.

      This has been weighing on me, I might be the only one thinking this way, if I am I guess I’ll be sitting there outside with my kids by myself when the time comes, I’d like to think there will be some other kids playing with my kids during that time, but who knows. Thank you for reading and enjoy your day, remember school is almost out and there are going to be more kids playing on the street, lets drive a little more carefully in our community.

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