April 20, 2019


Banners or Signs on Fayette Street - Idea.

Banners or Signs on Fayette Street – Idea


by Brian Coll


By now, you should have seen the banners on poles up and down Fayette Street promoting the Funfest. It looks cool, I don’t know what the borough spent on them, they look like they can be used year after year because they don’t have a date on them, which is the smart thing to do. When the Funfest banners come down what’s next?


Well, this isn’t a new idea, it is done elsewhere and adds a nice touch in my opinion if you are going to put banners up, why not go with some hometown heroes? Before we get too far, we don’t mean to give a complete list of people who deserve to be on a banner, please don’t be offended if you don’t see your name, we are just giving some examples. We have a proud history of service in this borough, not only armed service, but firefighters and first responders.


We could put up photos of men and women who have served our country. A visit to the VFW Post here in Conshohocken would give you enough names and faces to fill Fayette Street and some side streets. Names like Hauk, Hartnett, Smith, Messenger, Leflar, Noble. You could go way back and add names like Hector and Lafayette if you wanted to.


Maybe we could honor our firemen and women. I’m sure Washies and Conshohocken Fire Company #2 would have some people worthwhile of a banner. Without thinking too hard it would be cool to see Gunning, Carlin, Zinni, Wertz, Ingram, Yuengling, McAvoy, Januzelli, Costello, Kijak. Damn we have a lot of great firefighters, we might need to take over all the avenues with this idea.


What about our police force. I don’t want to say any names in case any of them are currently under cover somewhere. I think it would be cool to see some familiar faces lining our streets.


I don’t have any stats here, but I know when I am driving through a newer area to me, and they have these types of banners I can’t help but take my foot off the gas just a bit to observe them. Maybe it would help a little with the flow of traffic. Who knows, but it might be worth a shot and a way to honor our heroes.

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