The 2013 Halloween Parade in Pictures

The parade was held on Saturday, October 26th, 2013.  Hundreds turned out in floats, buggys and on foot to parade down Fayette Street from Conshohocken No. 2 Firehouse to Washies Firehouse on Elm Street.  This event has been a Conshohocken tradition and is run by The Mayor’s Special ...

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Halloween Parade tomorrow

 This event is one of the great things about Conshohocken. For those of us that have been in the borough for a long time know that Conshohocken wasn’t always as “rich” as it is now. It is because of this fact that I love the Halloween parade. This event gives parents one more ...

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2013 West Conshohocken Community Day

The 2013 West Conshohocken Community Day was a SUCCESS!  This event was held at Mackenzie Park on Saturday, October 19th.  We hope you enjoy our pictures!    

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2013 Spring Mill Fire Company Car Show

Spring Mill Fire Company had a car show on Saturday, October 19th.  Below are a few of the pictures that our camera snapped.

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Talkin’ Music with Jack – A Social Justice, or Injustice, We Got A Song for That

 A Social Justice, or Injustice, We Got A Song For That By Jack Coll      If you’re a fan of Social Justice and Human Rights songs, you’ll love this week’s column, if you’re not a fan, we’ll see you next week.  I was brought up on the poor side of town, and from the time... Read More

Comments and Questions

We welcome any and all feedback on the articles we run here, or questions about an upcoming event. If we can find the answer for you, we will. Our Facebook page posts a lot more photos then we can on the website, but if you see a friends photo on the website, please tell them... Read More

1995 – Plymouth Whitemarsh – Greatest Football Team Ever

Plymouth Whitemarsh Greatest Football Team Ever By Jack Coll        Bruno, Tommy Bruno, way too skinny to be a quarterback, Moore, Key Moore, he just wasn’t that fast, Keaser, Vinnie, this kid was just way too small to be playing any high school sports, and then there was Robert Reed, a couple ...

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John “Yosh” Borusiewicz

John “Yosh” Borusiewicz A Man To Remember By Jack Coll I stopped by the John Borusiewicz Field the other day located at 13th Avenue and Hallowell Street, home of the Conshohocken Golden Bears practice facility. I wanted to check on the organization that has been around since 1961, see how they ...

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10 Questions with Mayor Bob Frost about the upcoming Halloween Parade

1. Mayor, you’ve been a resident of Conshohocken your entire life, how many years have you been Mayor? I first ran for Mayor in 1996 and served for 8 years from 1997 to 2005.   I began another term in 2009 to present. 2. What made you decide to run for Mayor? I have always been involved... Read More

Bridge to Ridge 5K recap and pictures

  The 2013 Bridge to Ridge 5K Run is in the books!   Full results and pictures are below.  This event truly took a village. Aim High Studio – Anca Trofin for supplying the water and gift certificates to winners Bonza Landscape & Design – Dave Bonza for supplying the gift certificate ...

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