April 20, 2019


Attic Brewing Company - You Can Invest Now and Drink Later

Attic Brewing Company – You Can Invest Now and Drink Later


by Brian Coll




So, Attic Brewing Company, how did you come up with the name?

Todd first started brewing beer after I got him a homebrew kit for his 30th Birthday. We were living in our Attic Apartment on Duval St. in Germantown. We really enjoy history and vintage items. Attic Brewing Co. allows us to combine both things we love. Plus Germantown is one of the most historic neighborhoods in Philly, so we find a lot of inspiration here and feel like the name fits.

Now, did I hear your setting up in Germantown by way of Conshohocken?

Todd is originally from Colorado and I’m from Illinois, We met working at Valley Forge National Historical Park and after deciding to stay, we lived in Conshohocken. This was back in 2005, before it was quite as hip as it is now. We lived on Elm St. and really enjoyed it. We had a great block of diverse hard-working neighbors, it was close to the train for us to commute to work and we could walk to the local watering holes.

I heard about you guys through a friend Holly who lived with you here in Conshy. She was excited to invest, is that still an option?

YES!!!! Our Investment Campaign continues through Friday September 7th, so 3 more days. We are the first brewery in Philly to open investing to everyone and it’s been a huge success. We have over $140,000 in investments so far from 241 investors. This is NOT a donation, but a real investment. everyone gets 1.5X return paid out through a revenue share. 10% of revenues are distributed quarterly until everyone is paid back their initial investment +50% on top. PLUS there are cool perks at different investment levels and they are TIERED! Perks include swag, tickets to our pre-opening party, private beer tours. Our favorite is investors at $1,000 get a 64oz Drinktanks growler +20% off fills for life! and if you invest $5,000 we throw in 13 FREE fills a year FOREVER!

We are located right off Rt 1 at the Germantown exit. Convenient for commuters that want to stop and get their growler filled on their way home from work.

Tell us about your favorite beers that are on the market and maybe a sneak peak at what the Attic is going to offer.

This summer we drank a lot of Pilsners and Lagers. They are crisp and easy drinking plus they demonstrate the talent of the brewer. We probably visited Love City the most, they just opened and have really great beer.

As the weather turns cooler though, I’m looking forward to coffee beers. I love coffee porters that have the roasty flavors but are still low ABV and easy drinking. My splurge is Three Floyds Crack the Skye, a Russian Imperial Coffee Stout that I secretly plan trips home in September to get.

What are we going to brew? The short answer is everything. We are focusing on being a destination brewery/taproom so we want to have a diverse draft list all the time. Last year we brewed over 30 styles of beer, this year we’ve already added more. Our most popular styles have been our Illiado Cream Ale, Unbounded Hazy IPA and Bloodhound Brown Ale. But we also brew a Kolsch, Gose, Belgian Triple, Oatmeal Stout, Blueberry Wheat, Porter, West Coast IPA, ESB, Amber, Saison…

Holly said you were excited to be in Germantown, how and why did you pick that area for your operation?

When the house we were renting in Conshohocken went up for sale, we moved to Germantown. We rented our attic apartment in a Victorian twin and fell in love with the neighborhood. There’s amazing architecture, convenient public transportation, easy access to Wissahickon, really great neighbors and rich history dating back to the 1600’s.

The only thing that’s missing is amenities. There aren’t many sit down restaurants and there are no breweries.

We saw a huge opportunity to open a brewery here and create a space for the neighbors that live here and for people visiting Germantown. Plus we bought our house four blocks from the brewery and can walk to work. WE will be located at 147 Berkley St. in a 100+ year old factory building. We are part of the Wayne Junction Redevelopment that includes Deke’s BBQ going in next to us along with the Wayne Junction Diner, Philly Bread, Philadelphia Woodworking, FourFront, High Point Cafe, new apartments and condos. The entire project is turning vacant industrial buildings into a vibrant commercial corridor, bringing jobs and revenue to the neighborhood.

Best of luck, can you think of anything else you want to share? Maybe when you’re opening?

We are planning to open in Spring 2019!


Any events in the near future?


Tonight September 5th is our Final Investor Info Open House
6380 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19144
And Friday September 7th we have our Last Day to Invest Celebration
The Backyard @ Weaver’s Way Chestnut Hill
8424 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19118


AWESOME!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to checking the place out.


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