May 23, 2019


Artic - The Movie - Questions and Answers With Aaron Scotti

Artic – The Movie – Questions and Answers With Aaron Scotti


by Brian Coll

It’s a small world. Years ago I was at a party and a girl I have known for a number of years was talking about how proud she was of her brother for taking the leap and following his dream of being an actor. Fast forward a number of years and I finally got the chance to talk to him about an upcoming project he’s been working on. The young man’s name is Aaron Scotti and the movie is call ARTIC. There is a unique opportunity to catch up with Aaron this weekend at The Landmark Ritz Five. Aaron will be taking questions after the Friday and Saturday showings. I wanted to ask a few questions of my own and here you go…..


So, growing up in Conshy and moved to Hollywood, how was that transition and what made you want to take the leap?

I originally moved to New York in 2006 to attend The New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts, run by Richard Omar, before moving to Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue the acting career. The transition was good because I was able to shoot up and back from Ny to see the family. My roommate in Ny was a fello Conshy boy, Rob Stokley, so that also helped with the transition. Then I finally got out to La and I did some work as an actor. Eventually, I started producing more than acting, met my wife out here, met Tim Zajaros and Chris Lemole, founders of Armory Films, and the rest is history.

I know a few years ago I saw that you were in Two Broke Girls and maybe a show called Scandal, up until this movie coming up (Artic) what would most people know you for?

Hmmm good question, I would say most people would know me from my mom’s, proud mom, posts on Facebook. I don’t know.. It could be anything really, I’ll pop up on a show here or there but I’ve been running around behind the scenes more than on camera lately. I do like the fact that I’ll still get a couple bucks in the mail from Two Broke Girls for the ONE episode I did 5 years ago. Yeah, those girls definitely aren’t broke.

Yes, you do have a proud mom!

With Artic….. what made you want to take a giant leap of faith and help create this movie?

For me it was a no brainer. It wasn’t as much of a leap for me as it was for Chris and Tim at Armory. I was still on the newer side with them when they were putting this film together with Noah Haeussner and Martha De Laurentis. I just got handed the script when we started to prep and I immediately connected with the story. It wasn’t just the story itself but how it was written. The script was written by the very talented Joe Penna and Ryan Morrison of MysteryGuitarMan on youtube. Joe also directed the film and Ryan edited. I thought Joe did a great job of taking what was on that page and translating it to the screen. When I originally read it, I said this is the movie I would stop on when I’m browsing so I’m all in! It did not disappoint. I remember  my first order of business was to keep all of us warm for 30 days of blizzard conditions. Ryan Morrison and I met over the phone while he was in Iceland and I was in LA. We would have an 8hr time difference, so our days just started blurring together as we strategized our targets for warm clothes. Woolrich ended up taking really good care of us. They sent us a bunch of beautiful parkas and boots amongst other things. You’ll even notice the Woolrich boots made it into the whole movie as well. They saved our butts. Literally. 

One of the things that caught my eye was that you filmed in Iceland, I was there for a few days and absolutely loved it, but judging by my pictures from an early November trip, compared to your movie stills, we had totally different weather. What was your favorite part of filming in Iceland?

I would have to say the scenery. Its the same thing that drew me to the project, just the beauty of the concept book they sent and the way I envisioned it when I read. It all just came to life when I was there. It was so pretty and pictures don’t do it justice. That’s about it for favorite things (although we had some nice dinners), the rest of it was BRUTAL! What you see on that screen is exactly how it felt out there. We were meant to shoot for 30 days but because of the weather conditions we had to squeeze it all into 19 very, very long days. We would shoot a scene one day and come back to the same exact location the next day to finish the scene but the entire landscape was different. The mountains lost half of their snow, the hills were in different locations, all because the wind and frozen rain just blew sideways all through the night. Weather was our biggest hurdle. 

I have to ask, was there any other film crews there while you were shooting, say the cast and crew of Game of Thrones?

Haha you’re going to kill me, I haven’t watched GOT yet but I know you fans want to know every single thing about it. Yes, the crews out there all bounce back and forth to everything that’s filming out there. They do it all and they are MACHINES. If it wasn’t for that crew and their nonstop work ethic in the frozen tundra we never would’ve finished this film. We also had Helen Sloan, who is GOT’s on set photographer, some and take some photos on our film for a few days. She was awesome and had great stories about working on the show. I’ll have to get the flu sometime so I can watch it.

Before I let you go, tell us a little about the movie, but not so much that we won’t need to go see it this weekend!

Mads Mikkelsen is my HERO!

Thanks for chatting with us Aaron, anything else I can tell people about?

Thanks for the support! I’d also like to add if you don’t mind asking everyone to try and take pictures for us of going to the movie and tickets and groups of everyone and use the hashtags #Arctic #ArcticMovie #ArmoryFilms @aaronscotti so we can continue to spread the word!

You got it!

So, like I mentioned to Aaron, I had taken a vacation to Iceland a few years ago and just marveled at the Northern Lights and the amazing scenery the country had to offer. If you can manage to take the trip I recommend it, however, what Aaron and his crew did there was crazy in that extreme weather. I’d go when it’s a little warmer, but not so warm that you don’t get the chance to see the northern lights.

Here are a few photos from the set of the movie.

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