April 20, 2019


Are the Restaurant Rumors True in Conshohocken? A New El Limon?

Are the Restaurant Rumors True in Conshohocken? A New El Limon?


by Brian Coll



We have heard from a few people that El Limon (well, the owners of El Limon) bought the old Ted’s Pizza Place….. now, we don’t know if they are moving the existing El Limon, opening up something entirely new or just adding a second El Limon…… Up until today, I thought that this was just a rumor and that maybe it would be a pizza place again or something else. Today I walked over to see what they were doing and I casually asked a guy doing some work if it was El Limon’s and he agreed with me. So, we still don’t know for sure what is going to be, or what they are going to put into this space. I am excited though for El Limon.


On a related note…… I have been here my entire life. The restaurant scene has changed over the years in a great way. I miss some of the places from my childhood, but I am excited at the diversity in the menus and style of restaurants we have here today. Ethnic food to me growing up was Chinese from Win Wah, now we can still go to Win Wah, but we also have Coyote Crossing, Chang Mai, Dragon Phoenix, Tierra Calinte, and of course El Limon….


So, on another side note….. the Ambucs Restaurant Rally is coming up May 20th, it’s a great event for a great cause. You can sample food at almost 20 restaurants in Conshohocken, a few of which I named above. Go see Vince Flocco for tickets at Flocco’s Shoe Store on Fayette.

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