February 19, 2019


And the Winner is.... BEST Pizza Around?

And the Winner is…. BEST Pizza Around?


by Brian Coll




Voting came to an end and after a month of voting, we went from 8 down to 4, from 4 down to the final 2….. Who has the BEST Pizza?


And the winner is Tony and Joe’s!!!!!!!  They beat Franzone’s in a close final matchup. Almost 700 votes came in for the final matchup and Tony and Joe’s took in 55% of the vote.


I took my daughter there today for the first time, she loved it, the service was fantastic, the place was nice and clean and I wouldn’t expect anything less. I had the big thick Sicilian, she had the plain and we split a soda. It was $6 and change. The pizza was great. As we were leaving we told them the results and they were thrilled with winning. There is a reason they won this and have been a staple in our community for decades. I think my first little league team was sponsored by them and to bring my daughter there years and years later and enjoy great pizza was very cool for me today.


Congrats Tony and Joe’s, keep up the good work.


This weekend one of the pizza places involved shut its doors for the final time. Ted’s closed this weekend and new owners are expected to take over. Maybe next year we will have a new winner.


If you are a chain pizza person, give one of the locals a chance. We only had 8 places in the competition this year, next year we may have to include a few places that aren’t strictly known for their pizza like the Great American Pub and Pepperoncini. This year the contestants were in no order, Pizza Time Saloon, Franzone’s, Ted’s, Pasta Via, Maria’s Pizza and Pasta, Keystone, Snap and of course the winner Tony and Joe’s.

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