May 22, 2019


Additions to the Conshystuff Sports Hall of Fame

Additions to the Conshystuff Sports Hall of Fame


Arthur Andrey, Sr.

     Art Andrey would best be recalled by his many friends and family members as “Tut” pronounced “Toot,” or “Tutti” pronounced “Tut-ie.”  Tutti was around the Conshohocken sports scene his entire life participating as a long time league official for the Conshohocken Little League Baseball and Football programs.  He was also a PIAA football, basketball and softball official for 40 years.  He was an official for the Norristown Chapter of both football and basketball.  In his heyday Tutti also played softball for a number of area teams.

Many residents will recall Tutti as a great Little League coach, having coached the Blue Jays for many years along with a number of other teams.  His coaching style was a mold for young coaches to follow.  Tutti never got upset with a player, umpire’s, parents or other coaches, Tutti had this calm demeanor about him and that calmness resonated among his players.

With all Tutti accomplished in his lifetime he’ll best be remembered for his contribution to the Conshohocken Little League T-Ball program.  Conshohocken Little League T-Ball was started in 1978, games were played on Saturday morning at the Conshohocken Bocce Club Field located on West Third Avenue, and the league got mild reviews from league officials and parents.  In 1979, less than half the schedule was completed before the league fell apart due to lack of coaches, umpires, and kids.

In 1980 the league appointed Tutti to step in and see once and for all if the T-Ball program could be saved.  Tutti accepted the challenge, met with the coaches, revised T-Ball rules and regulations, and within a year Conshohocken boasted having one of the finest T-Ball programs not only in Montgomery County but throughout the District 22 Little League playing area.  Thanks to Tutti’s efforts by the mid to late 1980’s Conshohocken Little League 12 year old All Stars were winning District 22 Championships with children who had participated in the T-Ball program that Tutti had managed to save.


Rich McMullen

     Sometimes we don’t always give recognition to the coaches and fathers who go out and quietly participate in positive community and sporting events.  They show up, coach, and participate in whatever is asked of them, in the end making a positive impact on both the children and the program.

Long time Conshohocken resident Rich McMullen is one of those positive influences.  Rich coached for nearly a decade first with Holy Saviour CYO Football Program, which later became OLV, Conshohocken Catholic, Epiphany, St. Titus, and St. Helena’s School.  Rich coached from 2002 until 2011, leaving a lasting impact with the players he coached.  Rich never talked down to his players, every play and every situation was met with calmness and positive reinforcement.  Many of the players he coached are adults now leading a positive life, and in some small way the positive lifestyle started with their coaches along the way and Rich was one of them.

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