October 21, 2018


A Lovely Conshohocken Christmas poem


A Lovely Conshohocken Christmas Poem



While this will go into our website as an article by Brian Coll, all the credit goes to local aspiring author Vince Davenport. Enjoy it and feel free to share it.


Thank you Vince for passing it along to us.







We realize it may be a little hard to read so we simply added the text here:



Merry Christmas, Conshohocken

“Merry Christmas, Conshohocken”, the boy whispered out his window,
then he lay his sleepy head, onto his comfy pillow,

All is quiet on Fayette Street, from 10th Ave. not a peep,
everyone in Conshohocken, has fallen fast asleep,

Santa flies in from the north, oh what a sight to see!
He’ll begin his work on Hector street, then make his way to Lee,

Now onto the avenues, the reindeer fly so high,
not one house missed or cookie forgotten, every milk glass left bone-dry,

The kids on 7th, 8th, and 9th, will get dolls and trucks and toys,
costumes, games, and bikes, for all the girls and boys,

Santa leaves a bag of balls, outside of the Fellowship House,
and new books for the library, still quiet as a mouse,

When he’s finished with the east side, he’ll head over to the west,
Santa lands his sleigh at Sutcliffe Park, to let the reindeer rest,

From Forrest down to Maple, then Wood to Colwell Lane,
a brand new skirt for Willow, and Mason’s first toy plane,

Washie’s gets a brand new ladder, and Flocco’s gets new shoes,
for both the Pub and Boathouse, an enormous box of booze,

Santa hopes that all the children, wake up cheerful and delighted,
when they see what he has left for them, they’ll be joyful and excited,

When Santa reaches the bridge, he knows his time has winded down,
it’s time for him to leave, his favorite little town,

He turns for one more look, as he clamps his seatbelt lock in,
then Santa calls out loud and loving, “Merry Christmas, Conshohocken”!





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