December 14, 2018


A "GREEN" Idea for Conshohocken

A “GREEN” Idea for Conshohocken

by Brian Coll



As I walk around Conshy more now that March is here and slightly better weather (except for yesterday) I keep seeing our trash cans. Well, I see our trash cans as I pick up a few pieces of trash on my walks. What I don’t see is a separate container for recycling material. I love that we have single stream recycling here.


My thought is we could add either a second can at some or most corners that have trash cans for recycling, or adapt our existing trash cans to make them a dual purpose container. Now, if the borough crew already sorts what they pick up, then disregard my idea. If it isn’t sorted, maybe we can put two half round half flat cans in the one trash container that is currently in place. The cans I’m thinking of are almost half moons. Maybe we can do one in blue and one in black or brown to make it easy when walking by to drop your trash or recyclable material into the can.


Just an idea, one that has been on my mind for awhile, maybe it’s been on yours too. Maybe someone at borough hall will read this and consider it.


Enjoy your walks around this great borough when the weather starts to get nice.

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