May 23, 2019


A Fitness Roundup, by Jennifer McCracken

A Fitness Roundup, by Jennifer McCracken


By Jennifer McCracken

This is Jennifer. We are very excited to be able to share her work with you here at

While this will appear as an article by Brian Coll, it is actually the first of what we hope will be many by Jennifer or Jenn McCracken. She is an asset to our community and I think she will be an asset to Conshystuff. She started with 3 fitness studios which focused on improving clients aerial silks and hoops skills and will feature more in the near future (hint hint Prime Intensity Training, we’re looking your way) We look forward to working with Jenn. While this first piece features fitness, and we imagine other pieces will feature fitness as well, we can see her branching out and maybe doing something on one of her other loves in our community. If you’re thinking of starting up your own fitness programme , take a look at health club software to help you keep on top of your finances. The rest is by Jenn, so enjoy:

We are so lucky to have fitness and health clubs in Conshohocken! No matter your age or fitness level, there is a class in Conshy that aligns with your needs. Whether you are looking to stretch, spin, boot camp, or get your zen on, there is definitely a place for you. Perhaps this summer you try a new class that extends out of your comfort zone and meet some new people in this wonderful community.

Disclaimer: I reached out to several studios in the community and received 3 responses. If your business is interested in being featured next month, please email me at

Here are the questions I asked each studio owner:
What is the reason you chose to open a wellness/fitness business in Conshohocken?
What do you want your clients to attain by becoming part of your business?
What makes your gym / fitness studio different from the others in the area?
Is there anything else you would like to share with the residents of the Conshohocken community?
MIXX Fitness
(Owner Melissa Sciotto)
I love fitness and I love helping others! This is the basis of what I do: help others learn to love fitness. I like to keep up to date in the fitness community by reading blogs like Wisdoms of Health to see if there is anything new I can use to help people. I opened MIXX here in Conshohocken to serve the community in which I live and love! I want my clients to develop a love of fitness and want to come work out with us each day! Friendships and relationships have developed through our friendly and energetic environment. MIXX is different from other places because we “MIXX up” our classes and formats monthly and develop classes that meet the needs of each of our clients. Our group fitness classes are actually training sessions and our clients get individualized attention and support.

Come and check out MIXX Fitness. We have everything from Spin, Kickboxing, TRX and HIIT to Pilates and Yoga. We also have pop up children’s classes including Boys Gym Jam on Mondays at 5:15pm. Our all levels yoga classes are for all ages 9 and up. Visit our website for a full schedule and pricing information.

Yoga Home
(Owners Kerri Hanlon and Maura Manzo)
Kerri and I are both residents of Conshohocken, so it made sense to invest our time and efforts into our own community. We knew Conshohocken was ready for a yoga studio — from our own connections to the development that has occurred here in the last 10-15 years. It’s been wonderful to be across from the Conshohocken Community Garden (and literally watch it grow!), to collaborate with Conshohocken Brewing Co just a few blocks away and to work more deeply with Colonial Elementary School. There’s always been such a community vibe in Conshy and we knew that made sense for what we were wishing to create with Yoga Home.
We believe yoga is for everybody and it’s our vision to create a community of empowered, happy and healthy individuals. It’s been very important to both of us to create a physical space where everyone feels free to be themselves and a strong sense of community is fostered. Our wish is for each student to connect to themselves more deeply and authentically, and at the same time, gain a deeper sense of connection to each other and the world.

What makes Yoga Home special is the diversity of our community — because of the diversity of our class schedule, teachers and additional offerings, we are truly able to offer a practice for all and any ability. Our built-in community space (our purple couch, tables and chair and complimentary tea) creates an environment where people can connect with one another and and build relationships. We’ve seen so many friendships begin at Yoga Home; we’ve watched families start and grow; and we’ve had the privilege to support our students through some of life’s biggest challenges. It’s a true gift to be a part of this community in a larger way — it’s like an extended family.
There are certain stereotypes about yoga and about who is practicing yoga. We’re committed to breaking down these barriers and making yoga more accessible for everybody — regardless of age, ability, socioeconomic status, race, religious belief etc. The benefits of yoga are many and we welcome everyone through our doors. We’re open throughout the day and weekends so anyone is welcome to stop in, have a tour, shop in our boutique or let us help you decide which class is best for you and your needs.


Tone Zone
(Owners Scott and Leslie Sorkin)
My wife and I opened Tone Zone over 5 years ago. I had lived in Conshy for quite some time and was running outdoor boot camps seasonally in the area. There is a strong, fitness-forward community here that craves challenging, quality workouts, and we wanted to create an indoor, year-round space for that.

Everyone has different fitness goals and is on their own unique part of their fitness journey. Tone Zone is a place where people can attain a love for fitness in a welcoming environment that is as challenging as they need it to be.
We pride ourselves in providing the best overall fitness experience possible–the highest quality of instruction and the most variety imaginable in one place. Whether its our incorporation of VersaClimbers, RealRyders, Boxing or Trampolines, we stay current and ahead of the fitness curve at all times. You want to throw in some yoga or stretching for good measure? We’ve got that, too, along with 22 different types of class offerings. Complimentary heart rate technology and towel service, coupled with our own free app for easy sign-ups make workouts as convenient as they are fun!
We offer all new Tone Zoners the option to try 3 weeks of our classes for $30. While some studios give one free class, Tone Zone has so much variety and 3 different studios included in all class packages, we think giving everyone a strong sampling of our amazing classes is the way to go! Our 3 week trial can be purchased from our website.


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