June 16, 2019


10 questions with Paula Reed - Meet your neighbor

1. Hi Paula, How long have you lived here?  64 years … born & raised in Conshy … only out-of-state for 4 years as a   Military wife !!
2. What made you want to start the Facebook page that you have?  I learned that “Groups” were available to   create … I thought what a great idea to be able to “yard sale” 24/7~365 from   home at your convenience … actual yards sales are a lot of work,   time, preparation and always affected by bad weather.
3. What’s the name of it again?  Conshy/Whitemarsh ~ “For Sale|Swap|Free|Wanted” 
4. How do people check it out?  Either by friend-referrals, personal requests, word-of-mouth, or automatic local   recommendations that FB configures based on your friends and local links
5. I’ve bought some things from it, it is good to have a local connection, normally it seems you have friends in common once you agree to buy something. Did you mean it to be that way? or is it just because it’s a small community  Once I created the page and added all my local friends, it successfully grew!  Conshy … being a close-knit   community … made it easy to become a great success !!  I try and keep it local with limited neighboring localities as well to make it   convenient for all members to meet and transact their buys or sales.    
6. Any limits on what people can sell?  Anything that one would normally sell at an outside yard sale …of course, nothing illegal, hazardous, or scams.  I monitor the page rather closely to keep it fresh ‘n updated and that everyone buys/sells with respect and consideration to all members !!
7. What are some of your favorite things about Conshy?  Everything … wonderful warm-hearted people … our great   history … people like yourself and your family that have dedicated so much of their lives to make Conshy what it is today … strong roots, heritage, and wonderful memories!
8. Thank you, I always like to ask what’s your favorite ice cream flavor, just for fun.  Butter Pecan
9. Is the page a lot of work for you, or does it take care of itself?  It’s an easy, convenient page … simple rules to make it “welcoming” yet fair to all members … but I do dedicate a lot of time monitoring it to keep it FUN, easy, and fair !!!
10. Anything else going on?  Enjoying this beautiful Fall weather and looking forward to the Halloween Events coming up!!  No matter what the weather this Winter … Happy Yard Selling from our local Yard Sale community page !
thanks for taking the time Paula. I really like the page, hopefully other people find it as helpful as I do.

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